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Landscaping & Hydroseeding Services Based in Rehoboth, Massachusetts

We get your lawn into top shape and keep it that way. Lawnscapes in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, provides landscaping and hydroseeding services for residential and commercial customers, in the Greater Attleboro area.

Take advantage of our weekly maintenance program (billed monthly) that includes mowing, blowing, crabgrass control, and edge trimming. Our lawn experts use top-quality Walker® Mowers and change their blades often to give your lawn a manicured look every time we visit. Other services include: 

• Snow Removal and Sanding • New Design and Installation • Shrub Maintenance • Mulching
• Small Backhoe and Front Loader Work • Lawn and Yard Cleanups • Firewood Sales • Planting

• Hardscapes (Brick, Pavers, Stone Walls, and Walkways)

Green Lawn, Hydroseeding Services in Rehoboth, MA

This process mixes water, fertilizer, seed, and paper or wood fiber mulch, which resembles shredded newspaper or thin wood chips. This mixture is then applied over the prepared area through a hose. In one application, the ground is seeded, fertilized, and watered. This allows for better water retention and protection of the seeds from the damaging sunlight. It also prevents wind and water erosion during normal rains.

Hydroseeding is cost-effective. It is relatively the same price as regular seeding, but can be 10% to 20% cheaper than sod installation. While sod may be instantaneous Hydroseeding must be watered regularly. Within a few weeks you will be enjoying a nice new lawn.

Small and large businesses alike can count on us for quality commercial property maintenance and new construction services. Our professionals are fully insured and are happy to provide you with a certificate of insurance before any work is performed.

Additional Services
We offer snow removal and sanding services as well as residential and commercial hydroseeding and lawn services.

Contact us to request an estimate  from our lawn care professionals.